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Experience and Qualifications

TriMar Forestry Contracting has completed numerous tree removal and pruning contracts for CN, CP and Go Railway, Macon, Dufferin Construction, Aecon, Memme Construction, Condrain Group and more. We work in Southern and Central Ontario including the GTA, Barrie, Whitby and Oakville.

TriMar Forestry and Contracting always ensures that all employees and subcontractors are properly trained and competent when it comes to working around pedestrians and traffic. Our licensed arborist has several years of experience climbing trees and ensuring proper pruning techniques are used when pruning different sizes and species of trees. All employees operating chainsaws have valid chainsaw operating training certificates. Supervisors ensure that daily tool box meetings are held as well as daily equipment inspection papers are filled out and properly completed and understood by any employees that may be operating equipment. While performing roadside work, supervisors and employees make sure the right of way is given to any pedestrians on sidewalks, signs, barriers and pylons are also used to safely guide traffic and pedestrians through areas where work is being performed.

  • Experienced
  • Properly trained subcontractors
  • Reliable
  • Committed to quality
  • our goal is to work as efficiently and safely as possible