TriMar Forestry and Contracting is a land clearing company that specializes in forestry and tree removal/services. All of our employees are dedicated and competent, our goal is to work as efficiently and safely as possible.


TriMar specializes in land clearing, tree clearing, stump removal and grubbing (fence rows, bush lots etc). With the equipment we have we are capable of clearing land quickly and effectively for all types of construction or development that requires the removal of trees and brush.

Recycling the Environment

TriMar removes all brush, wood chips and stump grindings off site to plants that will use them as mulch, wood chips, wood pellets and other types of fuels.


TriMar also has extensive experience when it comes to landscaping, pond excavating, and building driveways etc.

Tree Services

TriMar has certified Arborists with years of tree climbing, pruning and removal experience for any tree services that may be required.